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Samos the island of Pythagoras

Samos is the eastern Greek island of Aegean Sea, which is the nearest one to the coasts of Asia Minor. It has an extension of 475sq.m. and a population of 45.000 people.

The legend refers to Samos as the birthplace of goddess Hera. On this beautiful island of the Aegean Sea, the philosophers Pythagoras and Epicuros as well as the mathematician Aristarchus were born.

The picture of this magnificent island is composed by grapevines, traditional houses with yards around, as well as a great deal of important archaeological sights.

It is worth visiting in the capital Vathi, the archaeological museum, where in the new building boasts the huge statue of Kouros and a sculpture by Samios Genelaos (6th century BC) devoted to the goddess Hera and the Byzantine Museum whigh is in the Cathedral building.

In Pythagorion Archaeological Museum you can see Eupalinos tunnel, which is a tunnel with two entrances, digged in the middle of mountain, used to be the water pipe by which the town was supplied with water, on of the Polycratian constructions, the ancient theater below the monastery of Spiliani, the Castle of Logothetis next to the Church of Metamorphosis, which was the stronghold of the defending Samians in 1824 and the ancient city the Polycratian walls had length of 6.220 meters.

Heraion most sacred temple of the ancient world dedicated to the goddess Hera, who was stand and had 133 columns of which only one survives upright and holy road which is 4880m long and connected the ancient city Iraion.

In the village of Mytilene in paleontological museum is housed in a modern building with finding the most valuable petrified brain ponies aged 13 million years.

It should worship at monasteries are truly magical places, temples have excellent wood carving art is rich in relics and icons like the Virgin Mary Vrontiani (1566) Vourliotes near the village of Mary M. (1586) Koumaradei near the village of Fair Cross (1582) Mafratzaioi near the village of Agia Triada (1824) near the road Mytilinioi-Town, Saint Zone (1695) near the village Vlamari of Life-Giving Spring (1756) on the east coast over the mountains Rampaidoni of Annunciation (10th century) up the mountain Kerkis and Mary Spiliani (1836) near Pythagorion.

It is worth exploring the most important caves, such as Kakoperato Kosmadei near the village of Panagia distant and the Holy Trinity near the village of Kallithea, the cave of Pythagoras, who according to tradition, Pythagoras fled chased by the tyrant Polycrates of Samos.

Also worth seeing the green villages, as Manolates, Vourliotes, Vines, Marathokabos, Tree, etc., and Sites Platanakia Nightingale, waterfalls and river Karlovasi.

Finally, the beaches, Lemonakia, Tsamadou Champi Votsalakia, Golden Sands, River, Kerveli etc. with unparalleled natural beauty and blue-green crystal clear waters will fascinate you, you keep them around for hours to relax and refresh you.
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